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Audio products added recently:

Electra Generation 3 -  brand new in 2015 stereo speakers from Divine Acoustics

Electra Generation 3 - brand new in 2015

2 way slim floorstander designed for medium sized rooms. Fully hand-built speaker with high quality components. Awarded by highfidelity.pl with "best product 2015" award. Visit us on F...
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 Proxima 2 2010-2012 stereo speakers from Divine Acoustics

Proxima 2 2010-2012

The stereo speaker system Proxima2 is the successor of Proxima awarded by the highfidelity.pl magazine with the title “best product 2008”. While designing the new version all the suggest...
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ELECTRA 2008-2011 stereo speakers from Divine Acoustics

ELECTRA 2008-2011

- Stereo in new dimension - ELECTRA is a brand new floorstanding speaker system designed to work as stereo system and also as front/main speakers in the home cinema system...
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PROXIMA 2007-2010 stereo speakers from Divine Acoustics

PROXIMA 2007-2010

BEST PRODUCT 2008 by HighFidelity.pl PROXIMA is... The sound, which amazes with its dynamics, spaciousness and natural performance. Two way stereo speaker system has an unusual...
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 Alya 2010-2014 stereo speakers from Divine Acoustics

Alya 2010-2014

You cannot break or go around the laws of physics, but they can be used skillfully and make small speaker able to create a full sized sound stage and natural-sounding instruments. A...
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PhonoGraph 60 audio amp from PhonoGraph

PhonoGraph 60

Vacuum tube integrated amplifier PhonoGraph 60....
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THE SOVEREIGN audio amp from Sovereign


These monaural twin tower high end amplifiers are simply THE MEASURE OF THINGS. Honoured by the Guinness Book of Records 1995 (Germany) Please vist us on Facebook www.facebook.com/HighEnd.G...
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AARON No.1.a audio amp from Aaron

AARON No.1.a

An integrated amplifier which will meet (and even exceed!) your highest expectations when it comes to this kind of device. After all AARON no.1.a is the official follower of the legendary ...
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