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Audio products added recently:

Abyssound ASP-1000 audio amp from Abyssound

Abyssound ASP-1000

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Abyssound ASX-1000 audio amp from Abyssound

Abyssound ASX-1000

Powerful, warm and fast Class A amplification from Poland...
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Abyssound ASX-2000 audio amp from Abyssound

Abyssound ASX-2000

Powerful, warm and fast Class A amplification from Poland...
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Turntable clamp /KGD/ audio cable from I/K Audio

Turntable clamp /KGD/

Turntable clamp /KGD/ It is made from selective wood and aluminum. The timber is dried under natural conditions for eight years. It has light weight with a mechanism for pressing.www.ika-1...
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OTE stereo speakers from I/K Audio


The cabinets are made from selective wood / beech /. The wooden material is dried for 10 years under natural conditions. Thickness of the walls is 36 and 25 mm. There are twelve layers of l...
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AMBE audio amp from I/K Audio


The amplifier is single-stage, singleended Class A. Power : 2 x 10 watts at 4 ohms, 2 x 5 watts at 8 ohms. Virtual ground for better noise immunity. Low THD. Wiring - VDH. Toroidal transfor...
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001AB BINDING POST audio cable from I/K Audio


Binding post – high-end class /www.ika-1.com/ High-end connector patented from I/K audio. Connector is made by hand from high quality materials. It is used selectively dry wood under nat...
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PhonoGraph 60 audio amp from PhonoGraph

PhonoGraph 60

Vacuum tube integrated amplifier PhonoGraph 60....
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